Dollars and 'Sense': Our 2022 Price Increase

Dollars and 'Sense': Our 2022 Price Increase

June 05, 2022 0 Comments

Dear Neo Customers, 

For the first time in five years, we have made the difficult decision to increase our pricing. This price increase is stimulated by rising raw material costs across the board for us, from packaging to produce and even shipping and duty fees. We have always strived to make products that are accessible and fairly priced, because we believe that juice is for everyone, and so we considered all aspects of our business and where we have seen the steepest price increases to ensure that our new pricing strategy is sustainable for the business and fair to our customers. Here is what to expect with our new pricing: 

  • Due to the variable nature of our formulations and raw material increases, we have opted to standardize our pricing to $12.00 per 500ml bottle. This means that some varieties have increased in price quite a bit, while others have stayed the same. 
  • We have standardized our Jug-a-Juice pricing to $44.00 per jug (1.9L) to ensure that you still benefit from the bulk savings. 
  • We have revamped all of our Juice Packs and will offer a standing 4-Pack deal at $45.00 per pack as an additional cost-savings opportunity. 
  • For the time being, we will not be offering straight Turmeric shots because the price for US-grown organic Turmeric has increased far beyond what is reasonable for a 2oz product. 
  • We have averaged out our 2oz Juice Shot price to $5.00 each, with two cost-saving options: the Shot Club (30 days) at $140.00 and a 10-Pack at $45.00
  • Our Juice Fasts will be $70.00 per day and we will continue to offer a 6-pack of juices for $70.00.

We acknowledge that price increases are happening everywhere and that rising costs are creating a lot of pressure on families to make ends meet. We are providing a few cost saving options mentioned above, as well as:

  • Our Customer Appreciation Day where you receive 20% off your order with pre-bookings welcome 
  • Our Bottle Rebate Program continues to offer you dollars back in credits when you return your empties
  • Our #zerofoodwaste partnership with Too Good To Go, where you can snag any last-day juices from production and the store at significant savings;
  • Our Good People Discount, offered to all local First Responders. First Responders can show identification in-store and receive 10% off their purchase. They can also apply for a standing digital code to use on our website. Applications are found here; and
  • You can earn both Neo Rewards for discounts on your purchases, as well as Cash Back in the form of store credit when you share your experience and love for Neo Juice with your friends and family through our Customer Promoter Program

In this current economic climate, it can be easy and understandable for anyone to make hard decisions around their purchasing behaviours. We want to add our voice to the call to support local independent businesses whenever you can, even if it is a small portion of your spending. Spending money locally has a positive multiplier effect on the local economy, making it a sustainable and resilient economy. This commitment is essential to ensuring small businesses survive and grow stronger as Alberta’s economy recovers from the pandemic and swinging commodity prices. Here at Neo Juicery, we have built our business model entirely on the premise of supporting economic locality throughout our supply chain. When you spend your  hard-earned money with us, 87 cents of every dollar is re-spent in the local economy, thus feeding the business engines of small independent family businesses. We do this by purchasing all of our raw materials from independent family-run businesses in Edmonton and across Canada; we do not consume or hold any debt with interest feeding the money cloud and big banks; we hire local folks and use local technology infrastructure for our operations as much as possible; and we maintain and reuse our tools and niche items to ensure that we only purchase replacement products from global conglomerates at most once per year. This financial system is likely similar to many small businesses in Edmonton, and so the best bang for your buck is to support local

If you have any questions or concerns about our new pricing, please don’t hesitate to  reach out to us. 

In health, 


Kareema & Ala 

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