Who We Are

Neo Juicery is a concept that stemmed from a passion for health, a belief that nutrition is our best tool to fight disease, a deep concern about the state of our food system, and a daring curiosity to explore the deep dark waters of unprecedented territory.

Neo, coined from the Greek word neos (meaning new) of the Neolithic Era in our history, is a fitting name for a concept that will push the boundaries of industry norms. Simply put, we want to bring you something new, healthy and transformative because we believe wholeheartedly that a healthy beverage made right can transform your life for the better.

We are committed to using organically-grown ingredients, providing you our juices and medicinal elixirs in recyclable glass bottles, delivered to your door for ultimate convenience.


Our Founders 

Ala AttallahDesign, Service & Operations

Ala is a Graphic and Web Designer and very skilled camera operator. He’s been freelancing on various projects nationally and internationally since 2007. Ala somehow can survive on beverages for days on end, which makes Neo Juicery an absolute match made in heaven! His absolute favourite juice is Blackmud Creek. Ala is a motorcycle enthusiast with a huge man crush on an Italian MotoGP World Champion - Valentino Rossi (now retired). Here at Neo Juicery, Ala takes care of our website and design work, all kitchen messes related to juicing and product testing, produce hauling and chit chatting. He does clean up quite well, though. If he’s not juicing, he’s probably on YouTube learning something new.  

Kareema Batal | Science, Quality & People

Kareema is a University of Alberta alumna holding a B.Sc. in Nutrition & Food Science and a M.Sc. in Human Ecology. She’s been immersed in the food industry since 2017 with diverse experience in manufacturing, product development, research in Public Health & Economics, retail, and non-profit. Kareema is deeply passionate about the politics of food as it relates to public health, and the advancements in innovation when it comes to making healthy food more accessible to the busy bees in the world - which is all of us! In her spare time, Kareema sits on the Agricultural Products Marketing Council Appeal Tribunal with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and provides communications and marketing support to Sustainable Food Edmonton.  Here at Neo Juicery, Kareema takes care of our social media, anything related to Excel, and the science and development of our new recipes. Kareema is an avid cat lover, indulges in a Kit-Kat as often as her nutrition brain will justify it, can’t get enough of our Vanilla Whyte cashew mylk, and will do almost anything to score a sweet deal on coloured pens.  

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