Our “cleanses” are called Juice Fasts. We find the term “cleanse” is misleading and inaccurate. Consuming cold pressed high quality juice does not “cleanse” our bodies. Meaning that consuming cold pressed juice does not exclusively and directly cause our elimination organs to metabolize and excrete toxins. It really isn’t a flush like the media makes it seem. As a matter of fact, our body has the innate ability to cleanse (i.e metabolize & remove toxins) on its own without any external inputs. Cleansing happens through the daily function of our liver and kidneys. If this wasn’t the case, we would perish simply due to toxic overload! What we do believe, however - as we have seen through anecdotal evidence by way of our own experiences and those of others in our life- is the benefit of high quality cold pressed juice in supplying much needed and concentrated nutrition during a fast. Think about it this way - we are leading busy, stressful lives nowadays. We all probably consume foods that are calorie rich and nutrition poor, as much as we try to meal plan and get our veggies prepped the night before. Organic foods are expensive and it’s very hard to feed our families 100% organic foods that are free of the harsh chemicals that overload our bodies and make us sick. Taking a break, i.e a fast, from processed foods is an excellent strategy to eliminate some of these stressors. A juice fast can provide an excellent dose of micro & some macronutrients - protein, vitamins & minerals, to help fuel our bodies during our fasting break. Being a liquid diet, it takes less effort from our body to metabolize and the nutrients are quickly absorbed and carried to our cells where they can be put to good use. Giving your organs a break from the constant supply of stressors (chemicals, processed foods, etc) is like a clock reset or an oil change on your car - a much needed tune up so they can continue to do what they do best: cleanse.

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