Return Your Empties and Earn Store Credit

We make it easy to reduce waste and recycle with our Bottle Rebate Program. Now more than ever we need to take every step we can in society to reduce single use plastic. That's why we package in reusable glass bottles. Get a generous store credit for every bottle you return to us to help make our fresh juices a staple food in your dietary routine. Here is what we offer:
$0.65 per 500ml bottle
$1.50 per 1.9L jug
$0.25 per 250ml bottle, 2oz shot jar or any other glass packaging we offer

Two options to return your bottles

Bring your bottles to our store during business hours to use your credit on the spot or get it emailed to you for future use. 
Take advantage of our partnership with Deeleeo to get your bottles picked up, on us. We require a minimum pick up of 25 bottles Here's how
  1. Set up an account on Deeleeo HERE.
  2. Create a Deeleeo pick up from your home to Neo Juicery. Use promo code: NEOBOTTLES to get your Deeleeo free of charge. Remember our business hours when you make the Deeleeo. 
We require a minimum of $25 worth of bottles to cover the Deeleeo. If your returns are less than $25, you will not get the bottle credit. 

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