If you don’t try this, you’re missing out! A classic nut mylk that is subtly sweet. All our nut mylks are hand pressed for a creamy & delightful consistency. 


- In-house sprouted Cashew
- Medjool Dates
- Coconut butter
- Fair Trade Vanilla Bean Powder


White as snow, Vanilla Whyte is a classic cashew mylk that you can drink as is or add to any beverage, oatmeal or recipe. This beverage is made with 1/2 cup of cashews per bottle, sprouted in house. Cashews are an excellent source of minerals, plant-based protein and contain NO cholesterol, which makes them an ideal companion to any heart-healthy diet. This juice is good for:

- Fuelling a rigorous workout
- Lowering your risk of developing gallstones
- Providing a good source of essential fatty acids
- A liquid breakfast alternative on the go

Shelf Life

Maximum shelf life is 7 days. 

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