An unexpected blend of a whole lot of good-for-you ingredients is an all-day energizer. This beverage is sweet and chocolate-y with a smooth consistency. There is a slight taste of bitterness from the dandelion root and shilajit but is well-masked with the combination of coconut, cacao and maple syrup. 


- Young Thai Coconut Meat
- Spring Water
- Raw Cacao powder
- Dandelion Root Powder
- Reishi Mushroom Powder
- Cordyceps Mushrooms Powder
- Turkey Tail Mushrooms Powder
- Chaga Mushrooms Powder
- Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Powder
- Canadian Maple Syrup
- Mesquite Powder
- Maca Powder


The Ledge is a powerful medicinal beverage that is filled with Ayurvedic ingredients used for the stimulation of your body's natural immune system and hormone balancing. We use a high quality blend of five medicinal mushrooms that have been well-studied in Eastern and Western medicine as powerful immune boosters. To this blend we add Mesquite and Maca powders, two roots known for their beneficial adaptogenic properties to help your body naturally reduce adrenal fatigue and regulate your hormone balance. You can't tell there's medicine in it; it tastes like a chocolate coconut smoothie sweetened with maple syrup. This beverage is good for:

- Awakening a sluggish immune system
- Boosting your energy (from a dash of roasted dandelion root)
- Realigning adrenal function to reduce your sense of fatigue
- A breakfast beverage to start your day off right 
- Improving hormone function for men and women
- Improving sex drive (from the above)

Shelf Life

Maximum shelf life is 5 days. 

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