Hawrelak Park is our favourite park in Edmonton. It's an all-year-round park with things to do in every season. Our Hawrelak Park is the same. It has a fresh minty flavour, very subtle sweetness, and a whack of protein from the fresh Swiss chard that will keep you well fuelled and never bored, all year round! 


- Cucumber
- Gala Apple
- Swiss Chard (Red or Green)
- Mint
- Lime


Hawrelak Park is a green juice you will never forget. People get scared to try juiced Swiss Chard, but we made it tasty with the addition of cucumber, apple and fresh mint. This juice is as tasty as it is refreshing. Swiss Chard is magical because it is quite low in calories but loaded with nutrients, especially vitamins A and K1. This juice is good for:

- Maintaining healthy blood pressure (contains potassium, calcium, magnesium & vitamin K1)
- Hydrating after a workout or a long day at work
- Promoting regularity; lots of soluble dietary fiber
- A daily digestible multivitamin instead of pill forms

Shelf Life

Maximum shelf life is 5 days. 

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