The carrot craving bunny in you will be delighted by this sweet & savoury blend. It taste sweet like carrot juice should and will tickle your taste buds with an unexpected savouriness from the parsley and lemon. To learn more about the benefits of this juice, click here

- Carrot
- Apple
- Parsley
- Ginger
- Lemon

Our juices are made with organic ingredients
100% cold-pressed juice; we do not dilute with water
This juice has a 4-day shelf life and must be refrigerated

Do you have any questions about this juice?
CALL OR TEXT US AT: 780-758-0690

*PLEASE NOTE: Bunnie Doon is a carbohydrate & enzyme-rich drink and spoils easily. Do not store it in the door of your fridge. Please store towards the back of your fridge. Consume first, if possible. 

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