We Turned One, Folks!

We Turned One, Folks!

March 01, 2018

It’s March 1st today, folks, and we just turned ONE! Besides going by extremely fast, this past year has been exceptionally rewarding and a valuable learning experience for us. We built an amazing customer base and received solid feedback on what we’re doing.

So where do we go from here? Well first we want to celebrate and you'll get an email on that soon. Secondly, we set some goals that we want to share with you, partly to keep you in the loop and get your feedback if you have any to share, and partly to keep ourselves accountable for what we set out to do this year. So, here goes…

  • A year ago today we made a promise to be zero waste - zero food waste, that is. Our objective was to bring to market unique and healthy products made from our juice pulp that would otherwise be discarded by industry norm. This goal is so much harder than it sounds and than we had thought. Because each production day for us is completely different, the composition of the pulp is entirely different making consistency in flavour and color impossible. We are persistent, though, and we’ve come up with a few ideas. Our goal for 2018 is to launch our first food waste product to the Edmonton market. Stay tuned for that!
  • Over this past year, we get at least a call a day asking us where our location is for a quick grab-and-go juice. The answer, of course, is our bla bla bla about being online only. The message we’re getting is that our customer base is needing us to be available to them at any time and any day, not just Tuesdays and Fridays. We want you to know that we heard that message loud and clear. Now you’re probably thinking, hey why don’t they stock their juice at so and so? Good thought, but we tried that and it doesn’t work. See we have a food product that has a four-day shelf life, small margins and really needs to be pushed if sitting on a shelf in a retail space. All that makes it not feasible to sustain third-party retail sales. Instead, our goal for 2018 is to find at least one solution to having our products accessible to you on the fly so that when you do make that phone call, our answer is yes, come on over!
  • We spent a significant amount of time this past year on personal and professional development, as we strongly believe that we could never grow Neo Juicery without growing ourselves first. An interesting trend we found was people’s positive, bewildered, and curious response to connecting with us, and in particular Kareema because of her background in this field, and her tell-it-as-it-is approach and hyper-nerd science rants. This industry specifically, as well as the world of nutrition and food as a whole, are filled with misinformation and complexity making it really hard for people to know what’s healthy and what isn’t. Kareema is super passionate about food and nutrition - and with plenty of encouragement - her goal for 2018 is to sustain an educational blog that will inform you on various topics related to nutrition, food, juicing and health.
  • When we launched Neo Juicery a year ago, we started our product line with a set of basics, some packs, and fast plans to help us and you get started with some additions throughout the year. Our goal for 2018 is to expand our Medicinal Elixir category of products with a few new additions adding to your toolbox of nutritious drinks with Ayurvedic medicinal properties.
  • Juice Fasts have been one of our best selling products this past year with many of our great customers reaping great benefits from their cold-pressed juice fasts. We have noticed, however, that there is a need for more support for juice fasters and so our goal for 2018 is to create a toolkit that will help support you nutritionally through your juice fast, AND a product addition that will make it easier for you to optimize your nutritional intake during your juice fast. This is super exciting because what we are working on has never been done in this industry before. Let’s see how it goes.
  • Last and most importantly, our goal for 2018 is to solidify our foundation to bring our storefront vision to life in our third year in business. Yes you read that right, a storefront. Although nothing is set in stone, we really want to have a home for Neo Juicery beyond the virtual cloud where you can experience our brand and culture first-hand. That does not mean the abolition of our e-commerce model. To the contrary! E-commerce is the bread and butter of our business and we will continue to work on optimizing that platform for bigger and better reach and customer experience.

Hopefully that gets you just as excited as we are. Got some feedback for us? Don't hesitate to send it our way to info@neojuicery.com.


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