Is one shot of our Cranberry juice every once in a while not enough? We've created a Cranberry Shot Club to help those who require a daily dose of immune-boosting nutrition support. The Shot Club is a 2oz shot a day, for 30 days delivered to your doorstep. Our Cranberry Shot is 2 fluid ounces of concentrated cranberry juice. Made with Canadian organic cranberries. Freezes well if you want to stock up over the winter months. 


- Cranberries

Shelf Life

Maximum shelf life is 21 days. These jars are quite sturdy, so you can order in bulk and freeze them if you'd like. Just loosen the lid so the jar doesn't crack when the liquid expands during freezing. 


Cranberries are a super-berry. Grown right here in Canada, these little powerhouses have many health benefits. Cranberry juice is good for:

- Reducing total cholesterol levels in the blood
- Reducing infection in the body, especially bacterial infections like UTI
- An excellent source of Vitamin C


You will receive all 30 shots in one delivery, unlike our juices. You are required to freeze the shots when you receive them to extend the shelf life and thaw out what you need in advance.


We have access to booking fresh organic cranberries in September (ahead of Thanksgiving) and again in November (before Christmas). Fresh organic cranberries are not available to us year round. This is a popular product for us because it's so potent and effective. We apologize if we ran out early. We learn each yer how much to book to ensure we have enough for year round supply. 

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