That’s the attitude you need to take with your digestive system! This magical elixir is going to get you smooth sailing in no time. It tastes minty with a hint of ginger flavour in the background. Sweet, cold and refreshing! 


- Ginger
- Lime
- Aloe Vera
- Young Thai Coconut water
- Spring water
- Raw Honey
- Mint
- Chia Seeds


This special elixir is made for the sole purpose of relieving digestive upset. It contains aloe vera, which is a known irritation soother, acidity balancer and a strong support for reducing inflammation in the digestive tract. We added some chia seeds for beneficial fiber, along with coconut water, fresh mint and ginger for a dose of minerals that are essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system. This juice is good for:

- Reducing inflammation in the digestive tract
- Aiding in a smooth digestion experience
- Hydration after a workout
- Replenishing electrolytes after a sweat, massage or long workout

Shelf Life

Maximum shelf life is 5 days. 

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