Tis the season for fresh gourd. Made with organic sugar pumpkins grown in Surrey, BC, this tasty juice makes an amazing cider on a chilly fall day brewed with cinnamon and clove. Available from mid October to late November. Yes, you can taste the pumpkin!


- Pumpkin
- Carrot
- Green Pear
- Turmeric
- Lemon
- Cinnamon


Fellas, this juice is for YOU! We juice the entire pumpkin which means you get all the benefits of the rind and the seeds. Pumpkins are high in so many beneficial nutrients essential to men’s health. This juice is good for:

- Improving male fertility; pumpkins are high in zinc which is essential for sperm health 
- Reducing the risk of cancer; high in beta-carotene that helps fight cancer development in the body, especially hormone-dependent tumors associated with prostate cancer
- Replenishing your iron levels 
- Providing a good amount of potassium needed for proper heart health, physical performance and hydration 

Shelf Life

Maximum shelf life is 5 days. 

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