Inspired by the lush and diverse greenery at the Botanical Gardens in Edmonton, this delicious blend is made from an assortment of green vegetables and fruit. This is a mild yet flavourful green juice. You can taste the celery undertones and will be pleasantly surprised with the sweetness from the kale and cucumber. 


- Celery
- Cucumber
- Green Kale
- Parsley
- Green Pear
- Lemon


Botanical Garden is our signature green juice. It offers 12 grams of plant-based protein per bottle and many vitamins and minerals to make for a nutritious meal replacement. This cocktail of fresh vegetables is equivalent to a daily multivitamin that is more easily absorbable than any pill form you can take. This juice is good for:

- Breakfast, instead of bacon & eggs 
- A pick-me-up for energy on the go 
- A liquid meal for pre or post surgery
- Reducing inflammation in the body
- Alkalizing after Candida/other yeast infection treatment
- Feeling fresh after a groggy day or an afternoon at the spa

Shelf Life

Maximum shelf life is 5 days. 

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