We made you an all-natural, plant-based hand and wound cleanser to keep germs at bay. Everybody, meet SANS. SANS, meet everybody!

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Locally Made
From our leftover Aloe Vera

72% Alcohol
A potent formula to kill 99% of germs

72% Ethanol

Every effective hand sanitizer must have at least 70% alcohol content to kill 99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses from your hands. Don't be fooled by DIY recipes that don't do the trick. SANS is made from pure 100% ethanol, at a 72% concentration for maximum benefits.

Recovered Aloe

The leftovers of the organic Aloe we use in our digestive juice, MY WAY OR THE HENDAY, often goes to waste because of shelf life. We are putting it to good use in this potent formula to provide extra antibacterial and moisturizing effects for your hands, keeping with our commitment to zero food waste!


Traditional sanitizers have a strong drying effect on the hands, causing burns and rashes for many people, especially in light of how much we are using sanitizers today. That is natural with high alcohol content. We've added a plant-based glycerin to our SANS formula to offer a protective and moisturizing effect on the skin.

Our SANS hand sanitizer was born out of a necessity to keep our hands and wounds clean on the go with the looming COVID-19 pandemic. At Neo Juicery, we operate a busy delivery business, and we often touch dirty boxes, scrape our hands and slip on the ice with no soap, water or hand cleansing solutions in sight. It's only right that we share our creation with you.

Keeping with our efforts to be a zero food waste Juicery, SANS is made from recovered Aloe left over from the production of our popular digestive juice, MY WAY OR THE HENDAY. Our potent formula combines the natural powers of plant-based ingredients with a 72% alcohol content for a powerful cleansing effect that leaves your hands soft and moisturized.

SANS is 100% plant-based, and contains no harsh chemicals, no preservatives or chemical fillers. Never tested on animals, only on us humans. And, we LOVE it!